South Ribble Dance Event

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On Thursday 3rd July, our incredible dance team performed their Shakira-inspired dance routine in front of a packed audience, including the mayor of South Ribble! We are very proud of all the girls, they did an amazing job!

South Ribble dance from Michael Porter on Vimeo.

Year 3 & Year 5 Learning Together

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This afternoon our Year 5 & Year 3 children worked together on a project based upon traveling to and from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Year 5 pupils lead the learning, supporting their Year 3 partners on how to use the iPad effectively to facilitate learning creatively. It was great fun!

Charity Week

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Congratulations Year 6 on yet another successful Charity Week!!

Take a look at Ben’s (Year 5) slide show:

This is Emily & Niamh’s film:

Charity week from Mrs P on Vimeo.

Challenge based learning!

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As part of our topic, ‘Why is Leyland world famous?’, we were set a challenge of epic proportions!

We needed to plan a holiday for an American family of 4, (the Patriot family) to visit Leyland for 5 days. In order to complete our task we had to use the internet to cost flights and hotels, produce a timetable for activities, contact local taxi companies and prepare a presentation for the family to show our findings!

It was a difficult task but we managed it! Crucially, we all worked well in our groups and organized ourselves so each group member had a specific task which needed to be completed by a strict deadline.

Our presentation consisted of a keynote which we delivered to the Patriot family.

Year 3 Aztec day!

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On Tuesday 21st January we were visited by a Spanish Conquistador!  His name was Pedro and he told us lots of information about the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs.

Year 3 Aztec day

The Leyland Morris Men

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We were very lucky to have ‘The Leyland Morris Men’ come in to do an assembly. Thank you very much!

The Leyland Morris Men from Claire France on Vimeo.

Year 3 Gymnastics

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We’ve been busy learning how to put together a gymnastic sequence for our PE lessons. The elements that were required were a travel, a balance, a jump and a roll.

IMG 0405 from Michael Porter on Vimeo.

IMG 0400 from Michael Porter on Vimeo.

IMG 0401 from Michael Porter on Vimeo.

IMG 0402 from Michael Porter on Vimeo.

A Local Farmer Visits Lever House.

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Mr Ascroft from Worthington’s Farm near Tarleton, visited today. He is a vegetable farmer who sells his produce to Livesey’s wholesalers, who in turn deliver it to our school kitchen.

We learnt lots about how the crops are grown, harvested and transported into our shops and school.

Thank you Mrs Ascroft!!

Dewlay – A visit from a local cheese maker

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Today, we had a visit from staff at Dewlay, Garstang, who showed us the entire process of how cheese is made.

It was brilliant!!!

We saw how cheese makers use milk, with added ingredients, to make delicious creamy Lancashire cheese; we even got to taste it – yum!

Thank you very much to our visitors, who made this such a fantastic, fun, real learning experience!

Philippeines Appeal

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As we will be learning all about food next week, it seems fitting that we should also take the time to remember those in need of food and other life saving provisions at this time.

The recent devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is thought to be the strongest typhoon ever to hit land and millions of people have suffered and are in desperate need of help.


We may be thousands of miles from them but there is something we can all do to help.


We would like to invite you to send in recipes for a Love Lancashire Food recipe book which will we will put together. The book will go on sale in a week or two and all money raised will be donated to the aid appeal.

recipe b_s

Ask members of your families and friends to join in too – let’s make this really special!!

Please send in your recipes to or put them down on paper and send them in to your class teacher or the office.